How to Process Admission to University Abroad from Nigeria

Do you wish to find an Institution to study Abroad and escape the incessant and persistent strike actions that will extend your stay in school?

Would you like to know how to process admission to a university Abroad from Nigeria?

If your answer to the question above is ‘Yes’ then this article is for you as we are here to make your dream of studying abroad come true. Amazing Right?

In order to pursue your dream of studying abroad having knowledge on How to process admission to a university abroad from Nigeria is key.

You need to understand the processes involved and know what is required to do.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • Preparation and sitting for Exams
  • Applying to selected School
  • Preparing for Visa interview
  • Get International Passport.

Now let’s delve to the details of how to process admission to a university Abroad from Nigeria.

  • Get your Relevant Credentials Set and Ready

Whether you are a degree holder or a high school leaver, be sure that you have and prepare the necessary school credentials. Credentials such as your WAEC result for high school leaver and Transcript if you are a degree holder.

The entry requirement in each institution and department varies, it’s advisable you check them individually to see how it applies to you.

  • Starting Your School Search

One of the ways of how to process your admission to a university abroad from Nigeria is first, looking online (Internet) or a counselor.

There are many factors to consider before selecting an institution. Some criteria to look out for are: location, tuition fees, available courses and many more.

  • Location: Do you have relatives or friends abroad? Do you want to choose a school closer to them? You should but it into consideration.
  • Tuition Fee: The tuition fee varies across the institutions in abroad, how much can you afford or are you hoping to get a scholarship? You should put them into consideration as well.
  • Course Availability: Ensure that the course you intend to study is available in your choice of institution.

Most schools in Canada are fully accredited and publicly funded. Most of institutions provide scholarships for international students.

  • Once you have chosen the institution of your choice and have made up your mind about your choice, you can then move to applying to the school.
  • Scholarship

If studying abroad will depend on scholarship, then you may have to limit your search to schools that are readily granting scholarship opportunities to foreign students.

This however depends on your SAT or GRE score. You need to get your SAT registration form as well.

  • Apply to Schools and Sit for Exams.

Another way of how to process admission to university abroad from Nigeria, is by identifying the exams you need to sit for, and start your preparation.

You may need to sit for the SAT, GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL Exam depending on the level of education you want to ascertain.

Now that you have chosen your choice of school, then you should start applying them. The institutions have their own admission requirements but they generally have similar requirements.

Some basic requirements are:

  • TOEFL Score
  • SAT or GRE/GMAT Score
  • High school/university transcripts
  • Recommendation Letter
  • WAEC result
  • Other certificates
  • Applying for Student Permits

One of the ways of how to process admission to university Abroad from Nigeria, is by applying for study permit.

Some of the requirement to apply for a study permit include the following:

  • An Acceptance Letter from your educational Institution.
  • A valid passport/travel document
  • Proof of funds for the following: Tuition fees, living expenses, return transportation.
  • Full health check
  • Summary showing bank account status
  • Proof of payment from abroad if you have a scholarship or you are enrolled in a Canadian funded study program
  • Proof of payment of accommodation and tuition fees
  • Pay Sevis fee/Apply for a Visa

When you have received your admission letter from the school, the next is to pay for sevis fee and commence preparation for visa interview.

The student and Exchange Visitor Information (SEVIS) is the web accessible database for monitoring information about exchange visitors, internationals students and scholar’s subject to this program.

The Servis fee is required of all foreign nationals who come into abroad for the purpose of pursuing a full course of study. After paying the sevis fee, then pay the visa fee.

  • Fill the DS-160 Form and book for Visa Interview

When you have paid both the sevis and visa fees, fill the DS-160 form on line. You will need to create a user id (email) and password.

After filling the DS-160 form, book a visa interview date on line and also print out the confirmation

Now that you have a knowledge of how to process admission to university Abroad from Nigeria, you should take the bold step to process your admission to university abroad.

What are you waiting for?

Join the 100,000 Nigerians studying abroad and fulfill your dream of studying abroad!

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